3 Video Marketing Platforms Physicians Should Be Using

Short videos can be another excellent way to reach patients through online marketing. It provides potential new patients a great sense of who you are and your expertise, helping you build trust before they even set foot inside the clinic.

And just like with blogging, SEO will play an important role in the amount of success you will have.

Below are three platforms you should consider posting videos on.

Physician Videos on YouTube

YouTube is by far the most popular video platform in the world. In fact, every minute, around 500 hours of video is being uploaded to YouTube.

Video popularity has increased so much in recent years that YouTube is actually the second largest search engine in the world.

And, it’s free to post your videos, making it a very attractive option to expand your marketing.

Physician Videos on Facebook

Facebook is currently the largest social media platform by a wide margin. And for most physician specialties, this is the primary social platform where your ideal patients can be found.

This makes Facebook an excellent opportunity for video marketing.

How Long Should Physician Facebook Videos Be?

Although Facebook has become increasingly more “pay to play” (i.e., you need to pay to boost posts to reach more people), there is still an opportunity for some organic displays. For this, Facebook tends to favor videos that are at least 3 minutes long.

Add Captions to Facebook Videos

Believe it or not, most people tend to watch videos on Facebook without sound, mainly because they’re doing so from a phone. Fortunately, Facebook gives you an option to create captions automatically for your videos. Adding these captions goes a long way to the success you’ll have with these videos.

Physician Videos on Instagram

Having videos on Instagram is an easy win because Facebook owns them. To also have your videos displayed on Instagram, you’ll want to have your account connected to your Facebook page.

Longer videos on Instagram will be available through IGTV, but the first part of the video will be available under your profile. Once users watch the initial part of the video, they will be asked to watch the remainder on IGTV, which can lead to increased engagement.

As they say in the south, “the juice needs to be worth the squeeze.” Given that 78% of people watch online videos every week, and this number only seems to be growing, video marketing is definitely a worthwhile investment for physicians wanting to attract new patients.

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