Advanced Version Control

There are a lot of challenges to version control for medical sales and marketing, all of which carry pretty serious legal ramifications due to the increased scrutiny over the past several years.

With all of these challenges, there a two main areas of concern that we hear most often from sales and marketing communications teams:

1. How do I know what versions of collaterals are actually being used in sales calls, or handed to customers?

2. How can I ensure that everyone in the field is actually receiving and using the latest versions?

Version control is a big area of concern which we’ve addressed with the Galen Medical Sales System.

Coming from our experience in medical sales and marketing, we know that simply relying on the sales teams to be proactive in keeping the latest versions up-to-date in their bag or on their iPads simply doesn’t work, and creates potential legal liabilities.

As the first mobile system designed and dedicated specifically for medical sales, the Galen Medical Sales System has taken serious steps to address and provide the most advanced version control solution available for healthcare companies.

Through our web based Content Management System, which drives the iPad App used in the field, we’ve created tools that not only provide you with the most efficient and technologically advanced uploading system available in any CMS, but technology that automatically detects and replaces information inside the iPad App, including information that was emailed to physician customers.

Our technology does all of the hard work for you, and takes away the potential for end user negligence or error.

Please contact us today to learn more about our advanced version control technology, and how it contributes to the Galen Medical Sales System to be the best end-to-end solution for your team.

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