Beyond a CRM

Is it possible, to create a tool that goes beyond a CRM, and actually adds value to all areas and teams involved in medical sales?

This is a question that we asked ourselves when developing the Territory Management components of the Galen Medical Sales System.

As we highlighted in our Territory Management post, the behaviors and dedication to detail from your A+ reps, and expanding those behaviors to the rest of the team are critical to success in medical sales. In theory, this is what traditional CRM’s were designed to do.

We have a unique development approach here at Galen (especially for a technology company), we listen to our customers and early adopters first, and then develop solutions that will meet the needs of the industry. Additionally, we are the only company that has actual field experience in medical sales and marketing, and only focus on and serve the healthcare industry.

Medical sales is a completely different experience from sales in any other industry. Those of us that do it, have done it, get it. Thus, CRM solutions that are designed to be “one size works for all industries,” while legitimately very good products, don’t seem to be as effective in medical sales.

One of the primary reasons for this is that reps in healthcare aren’t sitting behind a desk and computer (and very rarely should be). So how can a solution that is designed for those type of sales people, have the same positive results here? Only by taking the reps away from selling opportunities and forcing them to input this information. This is a tough pill for a medical sales rep to swallow. Plus, how does this information get accessed in the field when needed?

When developing our Territory Management solution, we wanted to make sure that our technology became more than just another CRM, and became something that drives value to the reps as well as the management team.

This is why we created automated detailing processes in the Galen System, that integrates with all of the sales and marketing assets our customers input into their private labeled version. As a rep is detailing information to a customer, an automatic notation of everything presented and sent is created. We’ve also made it very easy to enter in a few quick notes in the App, as well as create reminders in the calendar for follow up activities.

This information is then automatically synced with the web based Content Management System, from which it is very simple to view reports and activities for each account and rep.

Automating the entire process adds value for the sales team by capturing details at the point of the sales call, as well as eliminates the time that was previously required to input data from sales calls, or even generate reports to management. This saves hours every month, allowing for more sales time.

From the managers perspective, this system provides transparency that is not available with any other CRM. Because everything is automated at the point of the sales call, real time, real scenario information is being pushed up to be accessed by the supporting management team.

This technology allows both the field teams (even 1099’s) and sales management to better work together as one team, more efficient and prepared to drive business than ever before.

Please contact us today to learn more about our Territory Management capabilities, and how the Galen Medical Sales System can help you and your team intentionally drive more business, with a more cost-effective investment than traditional CRM’s.

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