Content or Backlinks? Which One Should Doctors Focus on Most for SEO?

For those who have some familiarity with SEO, the importance of backlinks has undoubtedly come up.

Having some focus on creating backlinks is a good idea, but at the end of the day, content is king and should be your website’s primary focus.

Content Is What Attracts People to Your Site

Creating content is step number one when it comes to building a successful online marketing presence. Without it, people don’t have a reason to visit or give your site a backlink.

Content Is What People Link To

As I mentioned above, without content, there is nothing really there for someone to want to link to your website.

Yet, when you have a great piece of content that is helpful to someone when they reference it on their platforms to share with their audience, you get the backlink and then marketing exposure to others.

It’s content that will help you attract your ideal patients, and then get natural backlinks.

Content Is What SEO Is Based Upon

Backlinks can be an important ranking signal to Google, but they don’t define what a page or post is actually about; the content does. This is accomplished by things such as header and title tags, schema, internal links, etc…

As your marketing platform begins to grow, content vs. backlinks does not become an either/or discussion; it’s both/and. But the first and primary point of focus should definitely be on creating content.

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