For Google, Everything Is Awesome?

Have you seen the “Discovered – but currently not indexed” message in the Google Search Console?

If so, the below tweets from John Mueller at Google might help:

So John’s response is:

Lots of awesomeness.
All kinds of awesomeness.
And add more awesomeness.”

Honestly, that’s a bit vague.

Since “awesomeness” is not a specifically definable strategy, here’s what I suggest doctors focus on:

Don’t Just Copy the Competing Physicians

This is a pretty common SEO tactic. Honestly, it’s a bit lazy and goes against what I recommend.

Patients need to be comfortable with you and trust you before ever scheduling an appointment. That is one of the greatest opportunities for doctors who do online marketing well.

Create Content That You Would Want to Read if You Were the Patient

Everyone uses these days to research information. I know you have as well. So what have the sites that you refer to done well? Why did they stand out from the others?

You can take those things and incorporate that, of course, using your own voice and style.

Make sure you’re generous about the information you share as well. One of the best content creation strategies is to take questions you’re asked by patients and craft the best possible answer you can.

Trust me, you’ll stand out online as the expert if you do.

Furthermore, Google is more likely to see you as “awesome.”

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