Google Broad Core Algorithm Update November 2021

Yesterday Google announced that they are releasing a “broad core update” to their algorithm titled: November 2021 Core Update.

Google rarely provides notice of these, so it’s important to take note of their general guidance.

What to expect from the Google November 2021 Broad Core Update

More details will become available in the coming days, as these updates most often take up to a couple of weeks to completely roll out. But here’s some early guidance from Google:

  • Expect spikes and drops in search rankings while this rolls out.
  • Just because you may see a drop doesn’t mean it’s permanent or that you are being penalized. Rather, your pages and site are being reevaluated by Google. Additionally, your site is being measured against the content of other sites that have been published following the last Google update.
  • Quality content matters as much if not more than ever. Make sure what is on your site is serving the patients you are trying to attract well.
  • These types of core Google algorithm updates typically happen a few times a year. The fact that Google announced this one is a sign that it could be significant.
  • Broad core updates like this are truly broad, meaning they don’t target a specific industry such as healthcare. They are an overall improvement to Google search.

It’s critical to your SEO strategy as a physician to pay attention to these types of updates and assess how things change with your site over the coming weeks.

You will want to take what you’ve witnessed and learned, and implement any improvements that satisfy the things Google is now looking for.

Not implementing improvements will all but guarantee a decrease in rankings and sending potential new patients to your competitors who do implement changes.

If you need help navigating these algorithm updates or a team of experts in online physician marketing to run your site and grow your personal brand, please feel free to contact us.

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