Google To Shut Down Business Profile Chat Feature For Patients

With Google’s recent announcement that it will discontinue the chat feature in Google Business Profiles by July 31, 2024, it’s important to understand the impact this will have on your practice and how to adapt, if you were among the few that used this feature.

What’s Changing?

Google will begin phasing out the chat feature on July 15, 2024, with full discontinuation by July 31, 2024. After these dates, patients will no longer be able to initiate new chat conversations through your Google Business Profile. Current chat interactions will also end, and patients that are Google users will receive notifications about this change.

Despite this discontinuation, patients will still be able to find and contact your practice via Google Search and Maps, and access information through your website links, business descriptions, photos, and other shared content on your Business Profile.

Why Is Google Discontinuing the Chat Feature?

Google has stated that the decision to wind down the chat feature is part of an effort to streamline its offerings. While this may be challenging for businesses that relied on this feature for direct communication with customers, Google remains committed to supporting businesses in managing their online presence.

Steps to Take for a Smooth Transition

If you utilized this Google chat feature, in an effort to ensure that your practice continues to communicate effectively with patients, consider the following steps:

1. Download Chat History

If you want to retain a record of past conversations, Google allows you to download your chat history using Google Takeout. This can be useful for maintaining a reference of patient interactions and inquiries.

2. Direct Patients to a Contact Form on Your Website

Direct patients to a contact form on your website. This allows patients to easily send inquiries, request appointments, and provide feedback. Ensure your contact form is easy to find and user-friendly. This approach still tends to work better for patient communication such as appointment requests, as the chat features often are not answered in real time.

3. Update Your Online Presence

Ensure your Google Business Profile and other online listings are updated with current contact information. Highlight alternative ways for patients to reach you, such as through phone, email, or the newly adopted chat solutions.

Background on Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile, previously known as Google My Business, is a free tool that allows businesses, including medical practices, to manage their online presence across Google platforms such as Search and Maps. While the chat feature will no longer be available, Google Business Profile will continue to be a valuable resource for managing your practice’s online visibility.


The discontinuation of the Google Business Profile chat feature marks a change in how practices can interact with patients online. By taking proactive steps to adopt alternative communication methods and keeping your patients informed, you can continue to provide excellent service and maintain strong patient relationships.

As always, staying adaptable and leveraging new technologies will help ensure your practice remains accessible and responsive to patient needs in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

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