Is A Personal Physician Brand A Bad Idea?

Many doctors often wonder if it’s better to create a corporate brand identity than a personal brand identity when it comes to marketing. Sometimes this is because it’s perceived a safer, more salable, expandable, etc…

However, I am a big advocate for creating a personal physician brand. Here are a few reasons why.

People Relate Better To People, Not Companies

Unless you are somehow able to build a major brand and marketing machine like the Mayo Clinic, you’re better off focusing on creating branding and marketing around your name.


Because patients largely relate better to individual doctors, than they do practice names or brands.

When people talk about a doctor, they don’t talk about the practice or healthcare system they are a part of. In fact, I’ve never heard anyone say “I went to UC Health Systems for my knee pain.” Instead, they say “I went to see Dr. Jones for my knee pain.”

A Doctor’s Personality Matters To Patients

All patients have a desire to relate well with their doctors. And with 80% or more of all patients doing online research prior to booking an appointment with a doctor, creating a personal physician brand online will pay greater dividends than going the corporate brand route.

Having an online personal brand established shows patients right away who you are and what you’re about. This not only helps them but also helps you as you’ll begin attracting more of the right patients to your practice.

Patient Behavior Has Evolved

With the incredible evolution of online behavior and social media over the past decade, the way physicians need to market themselves has radically changed.

Fifteen years ago, it was pretty standard for practices to pay $36,000 or more for advertisements in the Yellow Pages. Who does that now? There’s no doubt that Google has entirely replaced Yellow Pages, even for older adults.

Physicians who are focused on ranking well in Google and getting in front of patients on social media are coming out ahead in their local markets.

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