Physicians and the iPad Mini: What This Really Means for Healthcare Technology

We already know that physicians here in the U.S. love the iPad. According to a Manhattan Research study earlier this year, over 50% of U.S. physicians are already using the iPad in their practices.

The iPad Mini is the latest advancement in the iPad family from Apple, and there’s no doubt that for physicians, the biggest advantage is that it can easily fit into their lab coat. This improved portability will end up making the iPad Mini a huge seller for Apple with physicians.

But why? After all, there are so many other smaller tablets already available on the market today. If size was really that important, wouldn’t physicians have already dumped the iPad in favor of one of these other tablets?


Physicians, as they always have, value quality. There is no other tablet technology out there that comes close to the overall quality, user experience, and value of the iPad. The healthcare market (and the consumer market) have already proven this.

From a physician standpoint, the size was the last “major” issue that Apple needed to address with the iPad.

So then what does the iPad Mini really mean for healthcare industry?

Simple. Apple has now cemented its dominance as the tablet of choice for physicians for years to come.

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