Reducing the Administrative Burden of the Sunshine Act

There are many challenges and complexities facing healthcare companies in having to comply with the upcoming Physician Payment Sunshine Act. One of the biggest concerns, is the administrative burden and costs that complying with the Sunshine Act will put on these companies.

The process of capturing, verifying and reporting NPI numbers has consistently been identified as one of the biggest administrative challenges facing healthcare companies, and for good reason.

The majority of medical sales professionals still are not familiar that healthcare providers (HCP’s) actually have NPI numbers, nor do administrators have the time or resources to look up and record NPI numbers for each HCP associated with any expenditure over $10.

While developing our aggregate spend solution, Sunshine HCx, we recognized that solving this problem was one of the primary areas in which we could add value to our customers.

As a result, Sunshine HCx is the first aggregate spend solution fully integrated with the NPPES database, allowing users to add HCP’s directly from the database, complete with the NPI number and speciality.

The user simply enters the first name, last name and state of the HCP, and all of the HCP’s information is automatically populated, and the user is then ready to record a spend.



This feature, unique to Sunshine HCx, not only eliminates the complexities with capturing HCP information, but also virtually eliminates the administrative overhead associated with this important aspect of compliance with the Sunshine Act.

To learn more about this, and how the other great features of Sunshine HCx can benefit your team, please contact us today.

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