The Sales “Bag” Is Always Full

How many times has this situation happened to you or your team? A rep goes to meet one of their physician customers, looks into their bag to pull out some specific information, and it’s not there. Another missed sales opportunity.

Now, there are several reasons that situation may have happened…

It could be that the rep just handed out their last copy of that specific piece of information to another doctor. Or, perhaps it was left at home or the office. Maybe it was on back order ad won’t be available for another three weeks.

Regardless of the reasons, the outcome is the same, and in medical sales, there aren’t many second chances for those types of occurrences, which means those lost dollars stay in or go to your competitors pocket.

With the Galen Medical Sales System, this situation won’t happen again.

As the first mobile solution designed specifically for medical sales, the Galen Medical Sales System is pioneering positive change through technology. With the Galen System, reps always have their entire bag available at any time, right on their iPad.

From brochures to technique guides, presentations to clinical studies, videos and animations, all sales and marketing materials are available online and offline, to be detailed and even emailed to the customer anytime, anywhere.

Please contact us today to see how the Galen Medical Sales System will have a positive impact on your sales.

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