True Territory Management

Let me ask you a question, how do your A+ reps manage and run their territories?

To clarify, we’re only talking about the star players, the ones who have incredible details and relationships inside of all their accounts, and intentionally drive business. These aren’t the reps who only want to appear organized, by filling out standard call reports or inputing data once a week (or less) into a generic CRM. These reps are special, focused, and incredible partners to their physician and care facility customers.

One of the key ways these top reps excel is in attention to detail and planning. They run their territories, their territories don’t run them.

These reps have extremely detailed folders (or notebooks) for every single account in their territory, right down to everyone inside of an account. They of course use this information in well executed sales calls. Once a sales call is finished, they go back to their car, and take detailed notes of exactly what was presented, talked about, plan for the next steps, thus putting themselves in the best position to execute on the follow up (where the game is ultimately won and lost). This is done immediately after a sales call, while all of the details are still fresh in their minds. When this is done right, it truly is a thing of beauty.

But let’s stop here for a second… What are some of the inherent problems with this approach?

Well, for one, although creating these records is an investment, it does take time away from actual selling time. The best reps are always looking at efficiency, and always pushing to get “just one more call in today.” It may not seem like a lot of time, but over multiple calls every day and week, these minutes add up.

Another area of concern is that these files are mostly kept on actual paper, or on a personal iPad or computer. What happens when a rep leaves the company, or worse, gets into some kind of accident (a rep’s car is their office, and this does unfortunately happen sometimes)? How will your team be able to pick up and carry the torch? This is a problem that has happened to a lot of companies before, sometimes with multi-million dollar consequences.

At Galen Medical Systems, we believe the answer to this is through technology. We’ve not only addressed these problems (and others), but have created the tool that will encourage the entire sales team to adopt the practices of your best reps.

From territory overview and quick account access, to detailed account history, automated sales call detailing, and sales transparency, the Galen Medical Sales System for iPad puts everyone on your team in the best position to succeed.

Please contact us today for more information, and a walkthrough of how this technology can work best for you.

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