Two Videos Every Physician Should Have on Their Website

One of the most significant opportunities video provides is for people to understand you better than they would through just text.

I’m certainly not suggesting video can replace text, which would be a big setback for SEO. But today, I think video and text together create a lot of opportunities.

Here are two types of video you should consider creating for your website today.

Create a Welcome Video

Most likely, your website is where people are going to be seeing you for the first time, and your home page is a great opportunity for patients to “meet you” by way of video.

Your Welcome Video can be brief, around 15-30 seconds, and will go on your website’s home page. The goal of this is just to welcome patients to your site, what they can expect to find, and how to book an appointment with you.

This video should be warm and inviting. I would encourage you to smile, look, and speak directly into the camera. Try to look like the kind of person your ideal patient would want to be friends with.

Create an About Video

The About Video is where you go more in-depth, and it’s a little stronger than the Welcome Video.

This video will be located on your About Page, and will share about who you are, your background, your motivation for you being in your specialty, your passion for serving patients, and set up your branding.

Equipment Tips

Creating a professional-looking video is important, but not as important as the content.

The truth is, most smartphones today have more than adequate cameras for creating these videos. What you will want to add though, is a microphone to get better audio. We have several different ones that our team uses for formal video shoots, but for quick phone-recorded videos, I use an omnidirectional lavalier lapel microphone that connects directly to my iPhone, and it works great.

The key with video is just to get started. Of course, you want these videos to be good so that you create a great first impression, but you don’t need them to be perfect. You can always reshoot and improve over time. But video is definitely one of the best ways to connect with patients today and grow your personal platform.

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