Website vs. Social Media?

Which is more important for physician marketing?

The answer isn’t either/or. It’s both/and.

Let me explain…

You Own Your Website

I often refer to a website as a home base.

This is the place online that you own and control.

For most doctors, yes, still in 2020, this needs to be a blog (hint: this has to do with SEO).

But the bottom line is that you need to have an ownership mentality when it comes to online marketing. And a domain and website is the only thing you actually “own.”

With a website/blog, you 100% own the content. You’re also in charge of the design, branding, messaging. This is why it’s the “home base.”

Social Media is an Extension of Your Website

Being on social media is very important to market yourself online as a physician. Simply put, you need to be where the people are.

But the reason I coach my clients to build a website first and have that be the primary location of the content is that at the end of the day, you have no control over any of the social media platforms.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube could all change their policies tomorrow, or even ban you from the platform completely leaving you little to no recourse.

That’s why I refer to social media channels as embassies. You don’t have ownership or control, but you can and should have a strong presence. You can then refer people back to your home base.

To have sustainable online marketing success as a physician, having a website/blog is a must-have.

Don’t “build your house on a rented lot” but only relying on social media. Instead, share the content you create at your home base and then use your social media embassies to reach even more people.

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