What to Do With Disapproved Facebook Ads

Have you ever had a Facebook ad for your practice disapproved? If so, you know that a disapproved Facebook ad can cause problems for your entire ad account.

Here’s what you need to know about disapproved Facebook ads and how to get them resolved.

Facebook Advertising Policy

One of the frustrating realities about working with Facebook is that they often change their advertising policies and, most of the time, without notice.

So not only can these changes affect new ads, but they can also negatively affect ads you have already created and have running. In the most extreme cases, this has led to ad accounts being disabled for advertisements that aren’t even running.

Document Approved and Disapproved Ads

Maintaining good ad account health with Facebook is important for any doctor using social ads. So you want to make sure your ad account has most if not all ads approved. This will keep your account in good health and standing with Facebook.

If Facebook denies one of your ads, I recommend documenting at that point the approved ads and disapproved ads. That way, if Facebook ever suspends your ad account (and yes, this can happen), you have documentation of a healthy ratio of approved to disapproved ads.

Make sure you take a screenshot of any ad that has been disapproved.

Challenging Disapproved Facebook Ads

Facebook ads that are flagged as policy violations are done so through an AI automated algorithm. AI still has a long way to go, so some of the violations may not be valid.

If you suspect this is the case, you can submit to Facebook for their review. In cases where your ad has been performing particularly well, I recommend this approach.

Deleting Disapproved Facebook Ads

In most cases, it’s just faster and easier to delete the ad and create a new one.

Make sure you know why the ad was disapproved so that you don’t recreate one that will cause the same issue. It’s often something minor, and you can recreate a new ad with a slight tweak to have it approved.

Disapproved Facebook ads can be frustrating to deal with, but the upside of advertising on this platform as a doctor is well worth it.

As long as you respond quickly to any disapproved ad, your ad account health should remain in good shape, ensuring that patients continue to see you show up in their feed.

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