How To Create Patient Referrals Through Social Media

I have yet to meet with a physician who didn’t want more patient referrals.

Additionally, most physicians I meet with have a desire to utilize social media with the intent of attracting more patients but aren’t sure how to go about it.

Here are three steps you can take to create patient referrals through social media:

1). Create A Blog Post On Your Website

In order to attract people to you on social media, you need to have something worthwhile to share.

Specifically, this should be something that answers a specific question of a patient you are hoping to attract to your practice.

You also will want to have this created on your website, and not just on social media. Why?

  • You want patients to visit somewhere they can take the next action to book an appointment with you, and that place should be your website.
  • Because you don’t own the social media platforms, you don’t want to be dependent on them. Don’t build your house on a rented lot.

2). Create A Post On Your Facebook Business Page

Still today, Facebook is the top social media platform where your patients are.

Once you have your blog post written and published, you’ll want to write a short description or question relating to your blog post, and also paste the link in.

Then hit publish.

3). Boost Your Facebook Post

create patient referrals facebook boost

Shortly after you publish your post, you’ll see an option on Facebook to “Boost” your post. This allows you to pay to have your post show up as a sponsored post in the audience you want to target.

It doesn’t have to be expensive, but $15-50 per post can really provide a great benefit.

What you’ll start to see is some of your current patients see your post, and comment positively on it, or even share it with someone they know. And when they share it or tag someone, your post becomes available to all of their contacts as well.

This strategy can be a tremendous resource for creating more patient referrals through social media.

If you’re looking for a quick way to generate more patient referrals, you would be well served to utilize this strategy in your practice.

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